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Cemetery Records Only - This search engine indexes only the cemetery records pages of other websites. Those websites may also publish census records, obituaries, land records, etc., but have been excluded from this search.

Records Not Found - Several of the websites included in this search publish cemetery records that may not be found in this search engine. This is because Google's search engine robot was not able to crawl all or some of their pages.

This website uses Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) to find records on those sites. If Google's search engine robot cannot crawl all or some of their pages, those records will not be searchable in this website, and nor on Google's main web search either.

If you maintain one of the websites included in this search, and are wondering why all or some of your cemetery pages cannot be found in this search engine, it's because Google is having trouble crawling your website. Correct that problem by submitting a sitemap into Google Webmaster Tools.

Advanced Search Tips - Because this website is powered by Google's Custom Search Engine, it uses the same search operators and arguments in Google's main web search. Refer to their help article for advanced search tips...



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