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Cass county missouri

Cass County is a county located in west central Missouri. Its county seat is Harrisonville. The county was organized in 1835 as Van Buren County but was renamed in 1848 after U.S. Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan who later became a presidential candidate.

Cemeteries of Cass County, Missouri are located across the county. Listed here are cemetery records that have been published online.

Site of the town was fixed under an act of the Missouri General Assembly in 1835, by David Waldo of Lafayette County and Samual Hink and William Brown, both of Jackson County. In the same year, the first court met for the county, known as Van Buren County. The Justices James McClellan and William Savage, met in McClellan's residence about three miles southeast of Peculiar on September 14, 1835. William Lyon was appointed clerk of the court and county government was organized , included the setting up of Grand River Township.

As of the census of 2000, there were 10,285 people, 4,169 households, and 2,880 families residing in Cass County.

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