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Camden county missouri

Camden County is a county located in Central Missouri in the United States. Its county seat is Camdenton. The county was organized January 29, 1841 as Kinderhook County and renamed in 1843 for Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden, Chancellor of England, and leader of the Whig Party.

Cemeteries of Camden County, Missouri are located across the county. Listed here are cemetery records that have been published online.

Camden County lies in the south central part of the State of Missouri, and is bordered by Morgan; Miller; Pulaski; Laclede; Dallas; Hickory; and Benton Counties. Camden County encompasses 655.2 square miles, or 419,330 acres.

The County was created by an act of the Legislature, and originally named "County of Kinderhook" after President Van Buren's residence. The Act was approved by Gov. Thomas Reynolds on January 29, 1841. On February 23, 1843, the General Assembly of the State of Missouri changed the name of County of Kinderhook to the County of Camden.

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