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Buchanan county missouri

Buchanan County is a county located in Northwest Missouri. Its county seat is St. Joseph. When originally formed in 1838, the county was named Roberts County, after settler Hiram Roberts; it was renamed in 1839 for James Buchanan, then a U.S. Senator and later President of the United States.

Cemeteries of Buchanan County, Missouri are located across the county. Listed here are cemetery records that have been published online.

Buchanan County is a mixture of rolling prairie, valleys and hills. The land is drained by several streams and rivers including the Platte, One-hundred and Two, Missouri, Bee, Castile, Malden, Ten-mile, Forty-mile, Sugar, Contrary and Blacksnake Creeks. There are numerous natural lakes in the area too, including: Contrary, Sugar, Singleton, Horseshoe, Muskrat, New Made and Mud Lakes.

Buchanan County lies in latitude 39.77 degrees north and longitude 94.85 degrees west. The elevation is about 1000 feet above sea level. It is about 400 feet higher than Chicago in elevation and 600 feet above St. Louis. It's major metropolitan community is the city of St. Joseph.

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